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How does Bioclean Septic work in a septic tank?
Bioclean Septic is a highly concentrated microbial mix of scientifically selected beneficial bacteria that can break down organic biodegradable waste that enters your septic tank. The microbial ecosystem in your septic tank is under continuous attack due to the influx of harsh cleaning chemicals and detergents. That’s where Bioclean Septic ensures that your septic system remains healthy and upset-free! Read more about Bioclean Septic here
Do Septic tank enzymes produced by Bioclean Septic microbes remain in the septic tank forever?

Since the septic tank continuously lets out a portion of the septage it contains, a portion of septic tank enzyme-producing microbes from Bioclean Septic may be flushed out from the tank over a period of time. It is advisable to dose Bioclean Septic at monthly intervals to maintain a healthy and optimum population of septic tank enzyme-producing microorganisms, therefore, ensuring continuous maintenance of your septic tank.

Can regular usage of septic tank cleaner Bioclean Septic reduce the frequency of pumping out sludge from my septic tank?

The septic tank cleaner contains a consortium of highly enzymatic bacteria that have the capacity to rapidly break down the sludge from the septic tank and use it as a food source. In this treatment process, the microbes liquefy the sludge, reducing the necessity of frequent sludge pump outs and ensuring efficient fecal sludge management in a cost-effective manner.

The average time required between septic tank pump-outs depends upon

  1. The design, construction & volume of the septic tank
  2. The number of users and 
  3. Usage habits

The average recommended time between septic tank pumpings is 2–3 years. If you experience the need to pump out more frequently than this, Bioclean Septic can slow the accumulation of solid waste in the tank and reduce your need for frequent pump-outs.

What is the dosage I will require to maintain my septic tank?
Head to our dosage calculator to figure this out.
Does the use of chemicals for toilet cleaning affect the microbial activity in septic tank treatment?
The chemical toilet cleaners contain harmful and corrosive ingredients with extreme pH. In order to create a conducive environment for septic tank friendly microbes to grow:

  1. Use eco-friendly nature-powered cleaning products to protect your home and your septic tank.
  2. So if you live in an apartment complex, where it is difficult to make everyone adopt natural cleaners, using Bioclean Septic can help minimize the damage done to your septic tank.
My toilet /sink is overflowing. Can Bioclean Septic help me unclog my toilet or sink?
Unfortunately, no. Please unclog- your toilet/sink using a mechanical plunger. Chemical de-clogger will wreak havoc in your plumbing and septic system. The solution is temporary, but the damage is permanent.
Regular use of Bioclean Septic can prevent organic build-up in your pipes, & help prevent clogs or stink-ups.
How does septic tank cleaner Bioclean Septic help in controlling foul odor emanating from the septic tank?
The main cause of foul odor from septic tanks is due to release of hydrogen sulfide gas produced by sulfur-reducing bacteria. Uncontrolled populations of these bacteria can intensify the ‘rotten egg’ like odor and create unpleasant living conditions. The fast-growing bacteria in our septic tank cleaner Bioclean Septic, when added for septic tank treatment competes with these unwanted bacteria for food and reduces their population in the tank, thus eliminating foul odor at its source.
My home has multiple bathrooms. Do I need to dose Bioclean Septic in each of the toilets and drains?
No, the dosage of Bioclean Septic only depends upon the septic tank volume. Not the number of bathrooms. You can add Bioclean Septic into any one of the toilets.
What is the best time in the day to use Bioclean Septic?
Night time or any time after which there will be reduced activity in the household/facility is the best time as the product is not further diluted by incoming water from the plumbing and gets enough time to activate.
How long does Bioclean Septic take to work?
The microbes in Bioclean Septic activate as soon as they hit the water. The bacteria take a few hours to germinate and then begin to break down solid waste. Bioclean Septic bacteria will multiply to over a 1000 fold level in 4-5 days. The microbes colonize and remain functional in the tank for about a month
Can I use the septic tank water for the garden, if I use Bioclean Septic?
No, you cannot use the water unless you treat the water with tertiary treatment to make it safe for humans.
Is there any way I can find out the volume of my septic tank?

If you don’t know or cannot find out the volume of your tank, please head to our dosage calculator to find out how to arrive at the right dosage

Is it safe if I accidentally touch the powder while using it?
Bioclean Septic is absolutely safe. Simply rinse your hands with water and a bar of mild soap.
Can Bioclean Septic dissolve physical blockages like a tree root penetrating my plumbing?
No, in order to solve this issue, you will need the assistance of a plumber.
Can Bioclean Septic treat greywater?
Yes, Bioclean Septic can treat greywater.
Can greywater treated with Bioclean Septic be used to water plants?
Yes, greywater treated with Bioclean Septic can be used to water plants.
Where can Bioclean Septic be used?
Indian Toilets Yes
Western Toilets Yes
Biodigesters Contact us at support@biocleanseptic.in
Toilets connected to a sewerage system No
Toilets connected to a local STP Contact us at support@biocleanseptic.in
Pit Latrines Contact us at support@biocleanseptic.in
Toilets in vehicles like buses, trains Contact us at support@biocleanseptic.in


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