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What role do enzymes and bacteria play in a septic tank?

Posted on: Thursday, Dec 29, 2022

You must have often heard septic tank experts saying your septic tank is home to an array of microbes, including various bacteria and fungi. The healthy bacteria are either aerobic or anaerobic, which breaks down waste. The septic tank also contains protozoa like amoebas, which consume and control bacteria and clear up wastewater. 


Different forms of nematodes also thrive in septic systems. Some microscopic worms mainly live in the drain field as they require air to survive. However, do you wonder what this microscopic living being looks like? Let’s understand it better. 


What are bacteria?


Bacteria are small, 1/25,000-of-an-inch-long microscopic living organisms that feed on organic matter. They are pH sensitive and can survive between 6 and 7.5 pH. This explains why maintaining the septic tank’s pH is essential to ensure it functions smoothly. Bacteria can reproduce when conditions are favourable every 15-20 minutes. Unfortunately, the conditions in the septic tank are rarely that facilitative, mainly due to the toxic substances used at home. This often leads to the depletion of the bacteria population, a phenomenon that is responsible for the failure of many septic systems. Luckily, septic tank cleaners available in the market can induce bacterial growth. Before that, we need to understand how naturally occurring microbes are developed in the septic tank. 


Understanding bacteria development over the time


The bacteria in the septic tank occur naturally. The use of a septic tank encourages bacterial growth, which helps in the functioning of the tank. However, development is sometimes affected because of some chemical products. It is suggested to use organic products for household cleaning so that no chemical residues enter the septic tank. 


Many homeowners find it impractical to avoid chemical-based cleaning products. Even though your septic tanks can handle small quantities of commercial cleaners, as long as you don’t go overboard, it is recommended to opt for mild, water-based products labelled as septic-safe, biodegradable and phosphate-free. 


Septic tank bacteria are excellent at breaking down organic waste. However, do you wonder how they function? Do you know the importance of protecting good bacteria from toxic pathogens? Let’s find out!


Bacteria secrete enzymes that break organic matter. Before digging deeper into how enzymes function, let us understand 


What are enzymes?


Enzymes are a group of proteins secreted by bacteria that can break down complex organic molecules into smaller pieces that are palatable for the bacteria. These enzymes play a vital role in septic tanks by speeding up the degradation process for the bacteria. 


Types of enzymes that are found in the septic system are: 

Protease: It is responsible for breaking down protein-based waste like blood and faecal matter.

Lipase: This enzyme can break down the septic tank’s FOG (fats, oil and grease). 

Amylase: Breaks down starch waste in the tank like porridge, pasta, rice etc. 

Cellulase: It can break down cellulose that is found in paper-based products like tissues. 

Urease: The enzyme can break down urea. 

Xylanase: This enzyme is capable of breaking down plant-based material like vegetable peels or vegetable waste if it is washed down the drain. 


Most of these enzymes occur naturally in the septic tank. However, when harsh chemicals are used, the septic tank stops functioning as the enzymes get affected by the chemicals in the tank. 


During this time, it is suggested to use a septic tank cleaner that can enhance the microbes present in the tank. Our team has conducted years of research to understand the septic tank’s functioning and has designed a formulation that contains beneficial microbes that can withstand fluctuation and produce the necessary enzymes that are required to break down waste. 


Our organic solution, Bioclean Septic is a 100% natural microbial septic tank treatment product that contains scientifically chosen powerful enzyme-producing good bacteria capable of completely degrading faecal matter. Our solution has helped many septic homeowners in India save money on frequent pumping and maintain the septic tank’s health by ensuring that only good bacteria are present. 


If you wish to know more about our product, you can visit https://biocleanseptic.in/why-bioclean-septic/.


Rakhee Makhija

Ms. Rakhee Makhija is Marketing Manager at Organica Biotech, with over 7 years of experience building brands across various industries. She is passionate about protecting the environment to create a better future.


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