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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Septic Tank Is Backing Up

Posted on: Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022

Is that blackwater bubbling up in the bathtub and sinks? Do you randomly hear a gurgling sound coming out from your washroom? These are some of the signs spelling out trouble for your septic tank. 


Do you take these warnings seriously and act upon them? Even though the septic tank is relatively easy to maintain, if you see one of these signs, let us warn you before it worsens. 


A septic tank can meet the home’s plumbing needs, just like municipal sewer systems in metro cities and towns. The septic system requires maintenance to keep it running correctly. If you fail to do so, you might face problems like backups. 


What is septic backflow?

Sometimes the organic waste flows in the opposite direction. Rather than going back into the septic tank, the waste ends up in the washroom. During a backflow, you might experience a foul odor from your toilets. This indoor air might also contain pathogens that can risk your life. 


Here are three major reasons why your septic tank can cause backflow. 


Reason 1: Your septic tank is full.

Your septic tank is devised to work independently, but it still requires time-to-time maintenance, which cannot be done by itself. As the septic system works to reduce the sludge volume of your tank, it creates a layer at the bottom of the tank that needs to be pumped out once every 3 to 4 years. If it is not carried out, the sludge keeps building up in the tank, causing it to overflow and back up.


Reason 2: Intrusive tree roots.

Roots from trees close to your drain lines can become a massive threat if the roots invade the plumbing system. These tree roots constantly search for nutrients and can enter the pipes or even create a hole in the line if they are strong enough. Over time, they can develop thread-like structures and capture solid waste and debris, which create clogs.


These blockages might restrict the smooth flow of wastewater, and the pressure can build up behind the clog. Because of this, the sewage may end up flowing back into your toilets and sinks. You may also see several slow drains in different parts of your house.


Reason 3: Using harsh chemicals. 

Anaerobic bacteria in the septic tank are vital in breaking down the waste that enters the septic system. These bacteria can withstand 25 to 30 degrees Celsius temperatures and low-oxygen surroundings. Still, they can become dormant if there is any temperature change or when they come in contact with harsh household chemicals.


Strong detergents, pesticides, and harsh drain cleaners are a few examples of toxic chemicals that can harm the microbes present in the tank. Although small amounts may not seem too destructive, the chemicals build up over time if you continue flushing them down the drains.


This can decrease the number of anaerobic bacteria significantly. Without enough bacteria to break down the solid waste, your tank can fill up faster since the untreated solid waste takes up more space. Soon, incoming waste will have nowhere to go and can instead flow back up your system.


It is advisable to avoid washing down harsh chemicals or detergents to ensure better septic health. Instead of using toxic chemical-based drain cleaners to unclog your drains, you can opt for an organic solution. 


Usually, organic-based cleaners can degrade the waste without eliminating the bacteria in the tank. There are many market misconceptions that organic cleaners are less effective than chemical ones; however, it needs to be validated. 


After conducting intensive research to protect the septic microbes, we have formulated Bioclean Septic – one powerful solution to keep your tank healthy. Bioclean Septic is a natural microbial septic tank treatment solution that contains enzyme-producing bacteria capable of completely degrading organic waste that enters the septic system. 


The microbes in the formulation can break down existing sludge and minimize its buildup, preventing choke-ups. It even curbs foul odor by inhibiting the growth of putrefying bacteria. 


Another reason to use Bioclean Septic is that it can degrade organic blockages in drain pipes, gravel leach pits, and porous stone walls, thus resolving your overflow and backflow issues and aiding in septic tank treatment. 


Can you relate to one of the signs mentioned above regarding septic backflow? It’s time to reverse the problem with a natural and environment-friendly solution today!

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Rakhee Makhija

Ms. Rakhee Makhija is Marketing Manager at Organica Biotech, with over 7 years of experience building brands across various industries. She is passionate about protecting the environment to create a better future.


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