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4 Ways To Protect Your Septic Tank From Harsh Winter In India

Posted on: Friday, Dec 16, 2022

The holiday season is around the corner, and you have guests coming over now and then. If you are a septic tank owner, we understand how stressed you might be to ensure your septic tank functions well, especially when there are more guests. With our simple tips and tricks, you can enjoy this winter holiday season without any worries. 


Your septic system is your home asset, which can bring nasty surprises if it starts malfunctioning. During winters, as there is a drop in temperature, there are chances that the essential microbes present in the tank can stop functioning or become dormant. However, our experts have conducted thorough research and found ways to ensure your septic system’s smooth functioning.


#1 Get the septic tank checked 


Regular inspection is a part of septic tank maintenance. Apart from that, you can call a professional to conduct a thorough inspection of the septic system to ensure all the tank’s components are in good working condition and there are no leaks or cracks. 


If there are any leaks in the drainage pipe, there are chances that the waste can freeze and block the flow. This might cause issues like foul odor and backflow, and your health will be at risk as there are many toxic pathogens in the waste. 


To avoid these issues, we suggest conducting a thorough analysis of the tank and keeping your tank prepared for the colder months. 


#2 Inspect the lid 


Inspect the lid to see if there are any holes or cracks. A tightly secured lid prevents debris and pathogens from getting out of the tank. It helps trap heat, which is beneficial for the anaerobic bacteria inside the tank. The heat keeps bacteria’s metabolic rate high, allowing them to break the solid waste and treat raw wastewater in the septic system. 


If the lid is damaged, you will notice a foul odor in your backyard or surrounding area. If there is backflow in the washroom, there are chances that it may be due to snow entering the tank and blocking the pipes. 


Before it starts snowing, it is necessary to check the lid and ensure the safety of your tank.


#3 Insulate the Drainage Field 


We know when water freezes, it expands. This has an effect even when the water is in the drain pipes. During winter, it is essential to care for the pipes to avoid mishaps like frozen septic tanks, pipe cracks, leaks, or bursts in the worst case. 


One way you can protect your tank is by covering it with an insulated blanket or placing a layer of leaves, hay, or other vegetation on top of the septic tank. 


By covering the drainage field, you can trap heat in the system, thereby preventing frozen pipes or tank issues. 


#4 Pump Out The Tank 


Periodic cleaning of the septic system is essential so that the sludge accumulation does not choke up the tank. Before the temperature plunges, pump out the waste from your septic tank by calling a professional. It is recommended to carry out pumping once every 3 to 4 years. 


Another alternative to keep your septic tank winter ready is using a septic tank cleaning product to boost the naturally occurring microbes in the tank. We suggest using organic or biological cleaning products as it is a better alternative than chemical cleaners. The chemical cleaners contain certain toxic residues that can erode the septic system and affect its shelf life. 


Our team has conducted years of research to create a formulation that is not only effective but, at the same time, can protect your tank from any chemical damage. Our winter-resistant formula, Bioclean Septic, contains unique, powerful enzyme-producing bacteria that can survive in extreme temperatures and is capable of degrading organic faecal matter. The solution inhibits toxic disease-causing pathogens from the system, reducing sludge buildup and preventing your tank from backflow, overflow, and foul odor. 


With our science-backed solution, you can avoid frozen tanks and other potential problems during the winter season. 


Our product is widely used in North India by many septic tank owners. Are you looking for a solution that is effective even during winter? You can shop our product today!


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Rakhee Makhija

Ms. Rakhee Makhija is Marketing Manager at Organica Biotech, with over 7 years of experience building brands across various industries. She is passionate about protecting the environment to create a better future.


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