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Bioclean Septic Tank Cleaning Powder (Single Pack)

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Quantity: 250 gms
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Bioclean Septic is a technologically advanced microbial wonder that recharges your septic tank and accelerates the natural process of sludge breakdown.

  • Reduces foul odour and overflow on regular usage
  • Bacteria & enzymes effectively degrade accumulated sludge
  • Safe for PVC drain lines and all types of septic tanks
  • Robust bacteria perform in cold climatic conditions
  • Monthly usage recommended for a trouble free septic tank


Country of Origin : India
Product Weight : 250 g
Included Components : Bacterial Powder
Manufacturer : Organica Biotech Pvt.Ltd
State of Matter: Powder


Contains Powerful Enzymes that help degrade faecal and kitchen waste Contains Powerful Enzymes that help degrade faecal waste
Supresses the growth of disease-causing germs Recommended where only toilets are connected to the septic tank
A must where toilet and kitchen lines are connected to the septic tank


Delivery time: Please expect your order to reach you within 3-4 days for metro and 5-7 days for non-metro cities.

Returns/Refund: You will be entitled to a 100% replacement/refunds in case you have received goods which are damaged or distorted.


1) What are the common symptoms of septic tank failure?
The common symptoms of septic tank failure are:
  • Foul odour in and around the septic tanks and toilets
  • Overflowing from manholes or areas around septic tanks
  • Backflows in your toilets
2) Why is Bioclean Septic, a smart choice for your septic tank?
Bioclean Septic is a natural septic tank cleaner product containing a consortium of bacteria that helps in fecal sludge management for septic tanks. It degrades the fecal matter and helps in septic tank treatment thereby reducing the overflow and backflow issues.

3) What is the difference between two septic tank cleaning products, Bioclean Septic & Bioclean Septic Plus?
The septic tank cleaner Bioclean Septic is a formulation that degrades fecal matter and is effective in septic tank cleaning. While Bioclean Septic Plus contains 10 X power microbes that can degrade both fecal matter and food residue.

4) What happens to your septic tank in winters?
In winters septic tanks fail since microbes tend to become dormant. The consortium of microbes in Bioclean Septic and Bioclean Septic Plus ensures performance even in cold climatic conditions.

5) How does microbial septic tank cleaner Bioclean Septic help to reduce the cost of fecal sludge management?
The septic tank cleaner surely helps to reduce the cost of fecal sludge management. The microorganisms present in Bioclean Septic reproduce and produce septic tank enzymes according to the waste material, reducing the cost of regular addition of high dosage of chemicals. Regular addition of microbial septic tank cleaner causes sludge degradation which prevents hardening of sludge in septic tank eliminating the process of pumping out of sludge.


9 reviews for Bioclean Septic Tank Cleaning Powder (Single Pack)

  1. yns rao

    It’s working for preventive maintenance

  2. Ramachandran

    Good product. No bad odour after use.


    Liked the pdt.. Helped to remove the clogs in the toilet pipes..

  4. Erica Lj

    Good product value of money

  5. Venkatesh Krishnasamy

    I bought this after my trial with single package,
    Works perfectly, cleaned septic tank in 3 days. also pipelines are very clean now.!!!

  6. Satheesh

    I didn’t expect the result awesome product we spent around 10k to clean septic tank every 6 months it really saved bank balance.

  7. kanakaraj ramasamy

    Dear All Friends i used as per the instructions given in the packet, first i used 4 packets, no smells fronm the septic tank, i works well, in before very bad odur from air vent pipe, now no smells, thanks for bioclean. We have 3 rentel houses with own house but only one tank,but now satisfied with this product, thankyou bio clean
    Note: use 4 Pack first time

  8. muralikrishnan

    past few years i am using bioclean. it work is fantastic. got rid of mosquitoes and bad odour. i suggest to all to use the same and be healthy.

  9. Ankita Goyal

    Works efficiently with the proper application and correct dosage!
    The product does what it claims. I used 2 packets in the month of June for the 7000 litre septic tank which had odour issues. Now, the odour is cleared and the product has worked efficiently. I am going for the second dose this month ! Thank you Organica Biotech for this amazing product!

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