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3 Easy Steps To Eliminate Odour From Your Septic Tank

Posted on: Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

Many septic tank owners often worry about septic tank smell. With the waste flushed into our septic systems, it’s easy to assume it will give out a foul odour. However, septic tanks are designed to lock-up septic tank odour.

So how much of an odour is too much? 

Should you be smelling anything at all? 

Do you notice a rotten egg smell in your septic tank?

As a septic tank owner, these are the most common questions that come to your mind when you notice a nasty smell in your washrooms. A septic system degrades organic waste with the help of microbes, and if there aren’t enough beneficial bacteria, it causes a foul odour. To eliminate the obnoxious smell, you can follow three easy steps. 


#1 Identifying The Odour Source

Septic tanks often give out a foul odour when there is some problem with waste digestion. Most septic tank owners opt for pumping to eliminate the odour, assuming a sludge build-up in the tank. However, this practice reduces septic tank efficiency, affecting its longevity.

The first step toward the elimination of odour is identifying the source. 


a. Odour inside the homes

The septic odour in your home indicates a problem with the plumbing system. 

Watch out for these signs: 

1) The cleanout access plug inside the drain could be loose, allowing sewer gas to leak.

2) A dried-out floor drain trap allows gases to penetrate inside the house. You can replace it with a new one.

3) A hole or a leak in a plumbing joint, drain line, or under sink could also be responsible for giving out foul odour inside your home. 


b. Odour near the septic tank outside your home. 

It’s normal to notice a weak smell near the septic tank occasionally. However, a strong odour could signify a leak from the manhole. Ensure the lid is appropriately covered. 

Watch out for these signs to find out the odour source: 

1) Get the drainage pipes checked to ensure no broken or leaking pipes. 

2) Check for roots growing into the pipes and causing a blockage.

3) Conduct a visual inspection of the leach field to look for soggy or wet soil areas, indicating a rise in sludge volumes to the ground’s surface.


c. Odour caused by improper tank chemistry

Inside the septic system, microbes aren’t able to break down solid organic waste. To do so, the pH level should be between 6.8 and 7.6. If it becomes too acidic, a strong hydrogen sulphide gas odour (similar to a rotten eggs smell) can develop.

To ensure the tank chemistry stays neutral and healthy, follow the below steps: 

1) Never flush down inorganic items like cigarette butts, tampons, sanitary napkins, earbuds and other trash. 

2) Avoid pouring fats, oils, grease, coffee grounds, and cleaning chemicals down your sink or tub drains. It can disrupt sewage breakdown inside the tank and cause a foul odour.

3) Use organic septic tank cleaners to ensure your septic system runs smoothly. 

After identifying the odour source, it is necessary to understand the cause before jumping on the last step, i.e. eliminating odour. 


#2 Understanding The Cause Of The Odour 

When there is a drop in the oxygen levels in the septic tank, the aerobic bacteria struggle to break down the organic matter and, as a result, turn into anaerobic microbes to save energy. During this process, the sludge volume increases as obligate anaerobic microbes are slower at sludge breakdown than aerobic microbes.

This is the primary cause of odour as an overflow occurs in the septic system. To eliminate the smell from the septic system, one can pump out the sludge, which is expensive if done once in three months, or you can keep a check on your septic tank by monitoring the system daily.

Some more options available in the market would help eradicate the smell. 


#3 Eradicating Odour From Its Source

To increase anaerobic bacteria in the septic system, an organic solution can help. After intensive research on understanding the odour source, our experts have formulated an organic and effective solution for eliminating the odour.

Bioclean Septic and Bioclean Septic Plus are natural microbial septic tank treatment solutions containing enzyme-producing bacteria capable of completely degrading faecal matter. 

The microbes in the formulations can break down existing sludge and minimise its build-up, preventing choke-ups. It curbs foul odour by inhibiting the growth of putrefying bacteria. It degrades organic blockages in drain pipes, gravel leach pits and porous stone walls, thus resolving your overflow and backflow issues and aiding in septic tank treatment. 


Get our microbial formula and completely eradicate your septic system’s odour. To know more about our organic products, visit www.biocleanseptic.in.


Dr. Anuja Kenekar is lead scientist at the Inventions and Innovations Department at Organica Biotech, with over a decade of research experience. She believes that harnessing the power of science and communication can solve the greatest challenges humanity faces today.


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