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5 Signs Your Septic Tank Is Failing

Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 06, 2022

Your septic system is an integral part of your household. It treats wastewater from your home and protects your family from toxic pathogens. Because your septic system is underground, it might be challenging to fully comprehend how it works. Using chemical and acid cleansers for septic tank cleaning may harm the good bacteria that are responsible for breaking down sludge and other functioning of the septic tank. This causes the septic system to completely break down and stop functioning.

So what really happens when your septic tank fails?

It releases the wastewater onto the surface, creating dampness around your septic tank and backflows all the sewage into your homes through drain pipes. It also finds its way into the groundwater. The sewage carries pathogens that can contaminate groundwater, making it hazardous for your family and neighbourhood.

The good news is that this doesn’t just occur out of the blue; most septic tanks signal the possibility of failure by showing distinct warning signals, which can help homeowners or maintenance personnel prevent further issues by taking the necessary measures in time. 

Here are five easily noticeable signs that your septic tank has problems:

Stagnant Water Near Your Tank

When your septic tank overflows, the excess water and sewage seep into the soil and cause pooling and dampening near your septic tank. The soil will then emit a foul odour which will later spread into your lawn. This is the first sign you will notice when your septic tank is malfunctioning.

Bad Odour

Wastewater that enters your house (backflows) will emit a foul odour into your home that becomes unbearable for your family. It will spread into your lawn from the septic tank, which is underground. It may also venture around your drain field too. So watch out when your home and lawn start smelling like a rotten egg. It means your septic tank has failed.

Bright Green Lush Grass Growing Near Your Septic Tank

Wastewater has rich nitrogen effluents, which are absorbed by nearby plants. Excess wastewater will help in plants’ unusual growth, giving them a bright green colour. It could also mean that roots growing or digging into your septic tank or drain is also a sign of a water spill. Keep an eye out for thick grass near your septic tank.

Gurgling Sounds From Drain Pipes

If you hear a gurgling sound from your drain pipes, know that something is blocking your drain pipes. To prevent the blockage of drainage pipes, avoid dumping items like sanitary pads, cotton balls, tissues etc. Chemical cleaners are also dangerous for your septic tank.

Septage Backing Up Into Sinks And Toilets

One of the most aggravating symptoms of septic tank failure is the poor performance of your drains, sinks, and toilets. There could be internal issues with your septic tank if nothing seems to be draining properly or if the water seems to be rising again. Backflow into your toilets and sinks causes the spread of foul odour and is hazardous to health. 

If you see one of these signs, what do you do next?

Your septic tank failure could drain your savings. To avoid such mishaps, you must regularly keep a check on your septic tank. 

Pumping may not be feasible for many reasons, and chemical cleaners have many side effects. Many organic solutions available in the market are not effective. After conducting years of research, we developed an organic formulation that can help maintain your septic system without draining your pockets. 

Bioclean Septic and Bioclean Septic Plus contain enzyme-producing microbes that are capable of degrading all organic matter in the septic tank. It also prevents the buildup of sludge, FOG. This 100% natural, non-toxic and non-corrosive solution prevents harmful bacteria growth, reduces odour and assists you in keeping your home clean and safe!

Reach out to us if you are looking for a permanent solution for your septic tank problems.


Dr. Anuja Kenekar is lead scientist at the Inventions and Innovations Department at Organica Biotech, with over a decade of research experience. She believes that harnessing the power of science and communication can solve the greatest challenges humanity faces today.


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