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Easy and Effective ways of Keeping your Septic Tank Healthy!

Posted on: Thursday, Aug 25, 2022

When it comes to property maintenance, your septic tank may not always be at the top of your priority list. Nonetheless, it is an essential aspect of your business that should not be overlooked. It is used by restaurants, factories, hospitals, schools, offices, and homes, all of which produce a large amount of sewage that flows from the drain and accumulates in the septic tank. Because your septic tank serves as your own sewage treatment facility, it decomposes waste and sludge and maintains your leach fields to keep groundwater clean. 

A well-maintained septic tank can save money on maintenance and last many years.

Let’s look at how the septic system works.

How a septic system works

A septic system consists of two main parts, the tank and the drain field. All household waste is routed through a drain pipe and gets collected in the septic tank. As a result, solids settle to the tank’s bottom and form sludge, while fats, oils, and grease float to the surface and form a scum layer. The middle layer comprises liquid effluent released into the drain field to be treated further by the soil. It takes half a day to separate these layers.

Water is rushed between the sludge and scum layers, and the microbes in the septic tank begin breaking down the sludge and scum to prevent it from growing. When the microbes cannot keep up with the inbound water supply, the waste is pushed out into the leach field.

The first step in proper maintenance is to understand your septic tank’s operation, the type of system it is, and its location. Since repairing a septic tank might break the bank, it is wise to maintain your septic system if it exhibits failure symptoms like overflow, backflow, and foul odour.

How to prevent a septic malfunction? We will take you through five simple steps that one can do to maintain their septic tank.

Here are the Five tips to keep your septic tank healthy

1) Don’t treat your septic like a trash can

People take their septic tank for granted and dump items like cotton balls, feminine products, and tissues into the toilet, which clogs the septic tank. This blockage contaminates groundwater by causing backflow and overflow into their residences. Avoid dumping all of these into your septic tank, as it is not a trash bin.

2) Avoid using harmful chemicals

The only thing that shouldn’t be dumped into the toilet is the chemical cleaners to clean your septic tank or to eliminate that stinky smell. They kill the good bacteria, which in turn chokes your septic tank. These chemicals are hazardous and end up damaging the septic tank instead of cleaning it. Instead of using chemical cleaners to eliminate the odour, try natural organic cleaners like Bioclean Septic.

3) Maintain your drain field

Your drain field is also a vital component of your septic system. Closely monitor your water usage and ensure some gutters and sump pumps are away from the drain field. Avoid parking any vehicle above the field or planting trees near the field, as roots may start absorbing water from the drain field.

4) Use water efficiently

Drain pipes carry all household water to a septic tank. The more water a household saves, the less water there is in the septic tank. This disturbs the natural balance of the microbes present in the septic tank, and additionally, it can overwork the system and cause a flood. Therefore, utilizing water wisely enhances septic system performance and lowers failure risk. 

5) Regular Inspection

Septic tank inspection should be done every three to five years. Regularly inspecting your septic system can help in its maintenance, save you a lot of money, and protect your household from backflows and overflows. Pumping out the waste is not only expensive but also time-consuming. By inspecting your septic system, you can reduce the pumping frequency, and your tank remains healthy.

Instead of expensive maintenance, you can also opt for natural maintenance like septic tank cleaners. Bioclean Septic is an organic septic tank cleaner made up of enzyme-producing microbes that break down waste inside the septic tank. It also reduces sludge buildup, eliminates septic tank odour and prevents overflow issues. 

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